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Imperial Travel Service Solomon Islands is a locally owned company that specialises in land transport services.

The company aims to provide quality, cost effective and efficient meet and greet services, transfers and tours, to both local and international guests. We work closely with small, locally owned eco-tourism businesses as well as established hotels to ensure that we provide the best possible experience.

ITSSI Vision:

To become the leading transport service in the Solomon Islands.  We will achieve this by encouraging and supporting local staff, business stakeholders and the communities that we work with.  


To provide the safe, convenient and comfortable services to our customers. All services should be innovative and cost-effective and efficient.

The Imperial Travel Service Solomon business is founded and guarded by these following values:

  • Trust for ourselves and others,
  • Respect- our customer’s choices and opinions. We also highly respect our environment and will always take action to ensure that our practices are as sustainable as possible
  • Transparency and Accountability in all our dealings,
  • Integrity -We ensure to do business with honesty and committed to requirements and systems that support tourism growth in the country  
  • Honesty- We will be dedicated, trustworthy and reliable in our dealings with our customers and stakeholders
  • Strive for excellence and encourage innovation
  • Support - We work as team within our organization and with other networks and stakeholders
  • Quality- We are fully dedicated to excellence which requires constant product development